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equaTEK provides classes to help you improve your online business and online presence. You can attend a scheduled seminar or organize one for your group, business, or chamber. Each presentation is 'self-contained' within its subject and has no prerequisites for attendees. Yet these sessions are not watered-down in context so attendees should come prepared to expand their understanding, explore new thoughts and be challenged by an ever changing environment. The University Series: you can schedule a 5 class series for your group or attend all 5 at a discounted rate: Attend 4 get the 5th one for free.

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What attendees are saying about our equaTEK University seminars!

equaTEK is knowledgeable and helpful when presenting and receives many accolades from audience members. I have personally learned quite a bit about having a website on the Internet as well as SEO and Google Analytics from the members of equaTEK.

Elisha Everson - Canandaigua Chamber

This seminar gave me a great overview for kicking off our social media campaign. I think I will take your suggestion and begin focusing on a few select channels and numerous blog entries.

Grant Hummel - Ryan's Wine & Spirits

You provided me with awesome tips - simple and easily recorded - to use on my website and my family's business website.

Kathryn Casella - Sinful Confections

This was very helpful for non-techie business owners to understand what their IT and marketing support team should be looking at and doing with the company website.

Mark Preston - OPS and ENG

Based on the great information I have taken from other equaTEK seminars, I jumped at the opportunity to take this course. They have an awesome presenter who will help you tweak your website to your individual business' needs and goals.

Danielle Roder - JD Champman Agency, Inc.
equaTEK University

Effective Blog Posts & Tracking Results
Thurs, Apr 6 at equaTEK Register Online
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Building Your Business through LinkedIn w/ Mike Kaufman (Merrill Lynch)
Thurs, May 4 at equaTEK Register Online 

Video: How to Create and Use Effectively w/ Maureen Mattia (Edit Dash Prod)
Thurs, Jun 1 at equaTEK Register Online 

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We offer the following seminars:

Chaos Marketing:
Stop the Insanity

Business owners often dive into digital marketing head first without giving careful consideration to the who, what, when, where, why and how of it all - and that causes chaos.  What the heck is Chaos Marketing?  It's trying to navigate the marketing technology landscape without having a plan in place. Stop the 2016 internet marketing chaos in your business and make an effective plan for 2017.

This workshop takes a look at chaos marketing and how your business can stop the insanity!  This seminar can be presented on it's own or presented as class 1 of a 5 class series.

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Content Marketing: When Words Count

You may have heard that on the Internet, "Content is King", but what does that mean? And have you tried writing a weekly blog only to find out you have few ideas and don't know what to write?

In this seminar we will discuss why content is so important for your website and business, what qualifies as unique content, and how to get your content seen by your targeted audience. We will also show you how to set up a content calendar and how it is critical to the success of any online marketing strategy. This seminar can be presented on its own or presented as class 4 of a 5 class series.

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10 Things Every Business Should Know About Google

Google seems to be changing all the time.  As a business website owner, understanding how Google views your website and how Google tools can impact your online web presence should be critical elements in your online strategy. In this seminar, equaTEK walks you through 10 key things to be aware of with Google.  

Take a high level look at Google’s view of your website, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console), Google My Business and more. This seminar can be presented on it's own or presented as class 2 of a 5 class series.

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Social Media: It's the place to be (or not)

In the year 2016, it is estimated that there are 3500+ online tools and social media outlets to help you with your online presence. That number 5 years earlier was only 150. How does your business decide which outlets are best and how to manage them monthly, weekly, and daily?

In this seminar, we will help you to focus on the correct online tools and social media outlets, how to include them in your online marketing strategy, how to measure their success and their influence on your company's bottom line, and how to increase your changes as being successful online. This seminar can be presented on it's own or presented as class 5 of a 5 class series.

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Google Analytics: Understanding Key Website Metrics

Google Analytics provides valuable insights to help business owners better understand their web traffic, and identify key insights to make improvements to their website.  

This seminar walks through some of the core areas of Google Analytics to help web markets unlock the valuable information found there. This seminar can be presented on it's own or presented as class 3 of a 5 class series.

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eCommerce: Are You Ready?

TV commercials and slick ads can convince viewers that it is simple to make money selling products online. For the majority of us, it takes a few more than just three easy steps.

This seminar dives into all of the elements you need to consider and to plan for if you are going to be successful at selling online. This seminar makes you aware of what is needed to sell on line and common areas that are overlooked by first time online storefront owners. We will cover subjects such as choosing an online storefront, setting up your data, determining product pricing, payment options, PCI Compliance and fraud, shipping management systems, SEO for online stores, and more.

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