Web Design and Development

equaTEK Interactive is a web design and development company in Rochester, NY. We build world-class websites for great companies like yours. 

Our goal is to help you build your business. We work hard to understand your goals and objectives - part of the strategy and planning stage - so we can deliver on them. With more than a decade of experience, we're confident that we can create a website that will add value to your company and build your brand.

Website Strategy

equaTEK Interactive | Rochester NY | Website Development | Design StrategyYour greatest successes in marketing efforts will be realized through an integrated presentation of your identity in each of the advertising and communication mediums that you embrace. As the character and technical sophistication of today's population evolves, your marketing strategy must be responsive to the rapidly changing trends and increased demands dictated by a savvy and expectant consumer. 

equatek's ability to partner with you in the creation of a dynamic, responsive website or in the re-engineering of an existing site, is built upon years of web development experience and the demonstrated successes of our web clients. We work closely with your company to help you develop a clear web site strategy that will allow you to better:

  • Identify your goals & objectives
  • Understand who your target audience is and their needs or wants
  • Identify any road blocks
  • Do competitive analysis
  • Review your marketing campaigns
  • Identify and measure the correct website success metrics 
  • Track & improve conversion rates

Meeting Demands

In today's marketplace, the concept of traditional buying habits, is antiquated. With the prevalence of the internet, buying patterns are redefined so rapidly that "tradition" is measured in days rather than years and companies that fail to take heed are quickly pushed aside. Whether it's instantaneous access to current events, research information or this evening's dinner reservations, the World Wide Web resides at the fingertips of today's customer. 

How you embrace the unique attributes of the web and define your organization's specific objectives in this virtual environment will clearly define your results. And with the evolving demands of today's internet user comes the expectation that a site must do more than simply provide information - it must provide the visitor with an experience - one that touches the senses and motivates them to take action. 

Designing Your Unique Presence

Creating the style, design and ultimate functionality of your site requires that we understand your organization, your objectives and the multitude of competitive factors impacting you in today's marketplace. Equatek offers prospective clients a comprehensive and confidential questionnaire that will challenge and lead you in thinking "outside the box" as we work together to form the informational foundation upon which your site will reside. In addition, personal interviews with your key personnel will further define how best to capture and portray your identity and define a "look and feel" through the graphical elements of your website. Once the visual and functional formats are established, choreographed content that begs a visitor's curiosity and peaks their interest is a vital attribute to the success of the site. 

equaTEK's ultimate goal in bringing your website to life is to integrate your personality into a technical experience that captures visitors, encourages exploration, establishes you as the provider of choice and ultimately, drives the buying decision. Our Rochester website design team specializes in creating both simple and robust interactive websites. With our depth of experience in a wide range of applications, our web consultants are uniquely qualified to create the ideal website solution for your business.


"Brochure ware" to databases

  • Wide range of styles and functionality
  • Mobile friendly - responsive designs
  • Budget aware and cost sensitive
  • Utilize staged development
Years of experience in the development of websites
  • Variety of platforms (Microsoft, .ASP.NET, Unix)
  • .NET backbone provides state-of-the-art performance and benefits
  • Stable applications and functionality
  • Cutting-edge programming for custom features and functions
Site design and functionality targeted to your requirements
  • Custom applications may be structured in a "phased" format
  • Functional "modules" are available for cost effectiveness and ease of modifications
Talented and creative graphic development
  • Simple, artsy, edgy but always professional - our concepts are designed to capture and express your unique identity
  • Experience - Developers experienced across multiple platforms
  • Flexibility - Staged or phased-in approach allows controlled costs and growth
  • Confidence - Remain on the cutting edge of technology and functionality
  • Results - Experience, creativity, functionality...Expect The Extraordinary!

HTML Versus Content Management System (CMS) Website

We have a great explanation on our HTML vs Content Management System page. Content management systems are designed to enable web site owners to change and maintain their own websites without knowledge of HTML or any other language and technology. A CMS can potentially significantly reduce website implementation and design costs while greatly facilitating the ability to manage content within the site.  By using a content management solution, you can significantly improve the way your business functions on-line. You control the changing content that keeps your viewers/customers coming back.

It is vitally important for your website to not only look professional, but also give your customers the information that they need about the products and services you offer quickly and easily. Contact us today for additional information!