Standard Interport CMS Features

Interport is a collection of modules that provide the functionality typically needed on a comprehensive website using the DotNetNuke Content Management platform. The features include modules that allow for easy blogging, calendars, RSS feeds, maps and so much more.  The modules listed here are what is included with your Interport license.  DotNetNuke also has hundreds of modules also available that can be added on to your Interport website for purchase.

Google Map Integration

Multiple choices for map modules on your website to easily integrate Google Maps with multiple map styles and views through an easy to use admin panel.

Easily Integrate Maps on your website.

Easy Forms

Allowing your web visitors to take action on your website is the best way to turn visitor traffic into relationships. Interport comes with 2 standard form creation modules. Easily create simple or complex forms on your website with a drag-and-drop interface.  Add forms to your website in minutes! These modules include email notifications to let you know when a web visitor has submitted a form, and reporting.

Easily Add Forms to your Website

Dig Rotate

DigRotate allows you to rotate content in one module.

Events Calendar

Complete out-of-the-box solution for events and registration management. Contains several satellite modules including an "Upcoming Events" feed you can place on any page of your website.

Upcoming Events and Calendar Module

Live Tabs

Live Tabs is ultimate tabbed interface solution for DotNetNuke. You can easily organize page content within a single page using a simple tab interface for DotNetNuke.

Easily create content tabs on your website pages


FAQs allow you to manage a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their corresponding Answers.

Google Analytics

Easily install Google Analytics on your website through a simple module, and begin tracking and monitoring the effectiveness of your website, traffic, user demographics, top content and more relevant data about your website traffic.

Install Google Analytics Easily

Display Recent News

This module allows you to display a list of links to recent news and announcements on your website. The module will display the news article title and date with a link to "read more." 

When you add a news article to the news section of your website, this feed automatically adds the most recent articles to display at the top.

Easy Image Galleries

Add photo albums and image galleries to your website and display them all on one gallery page. You'll also have the ability to add single albums to other pages throughout your website through an easy to use module.

Easily Add Photo Albums and Image Galleries to your website

Elegant Image Sliders

Easily add and manage beautiful images sliders and rotators to any page of your website. Manage files through an easy admin interface, change transitions, and incorporate video.

This module features tons of unique transition effects, an image preloader, video embedding, autoplay that stops on user interaction and lots of easy to set options to create your own effects. All customization can be handled via Options, HTML 5 data-attributes and CSS!

Facebook Toolkit

Integrate your Facebook page with your website from a simple "Like" box to a live stream of your Facebook page content. You can customize the settings to create a custom Facebook integration with this easy to use module.

Facebook Page Integration

Add a Blog to Your Website

Easily add blog posts to your website using a simple text editor. With the blog module you can also add blog post links to other areas of your website.

Display Recent Blog Articles

This module allows you to feature links to specific sets of articles on your blog as they are published. You can add "Recent Article" modules to various sections of your website and set parameters around which articles will display.  This means you can show some articles in one section of your website, and other articles in another section of your website.

This module is great for B2B companies who publish blog content that appeals to very different vertical markets or audiences.

Add Recent Articles Feed to sections of your website

Manage Banner Ads

Easily manage banner ads and display advertisements on your website using the Vendors module. You can selet the number of banners to display, as well as the banner types.

Enable Social Sharing

Add a module that allows your website visitors to share your content to social media sites. Great for SEO and to help increase website traffic and engagement.

Easily Share Content to Top Social Media Sites


This module renders a list of documents, including links to browse or download the document. Documents includes an edit page, which allows authorized users to edit the information about the Documents (for example, a friendly title) stored in the SQL database.


This module renders a block of HTML or Text content. The Html/Text module allows authorized users to edit the content either inline or in a separate administration page. Optional tokens can be used that get replaced dynamically during display. All versions of content are stored in the database including the ability to rollback to an older version.

Email Opt-in Module

We can leverage the Opt-In Module or help you integrate your existing email marketing platform to incporate email subsription seemlessly into your website and have new subscribers automatically added to your email marketing lists.

Email Opt-In Module

Directories and Listings

Property management module, also can be used for a business directory module, has 3 other satellite modules.

Member Directories and Listings

File Manager

Administrators can manage the files stored in their upload directory. This module allows you to upload new files, download files, delete files, and synchronize your upload directory. It also provides information on the amount of disk space used and available.

Use iFrames

iFrames are perfect when you want to pull content from external sites through a snippet of code rather than uploading bulky content to your website. iFrames speed up load time. YouTube Videos, Image SlideShows and PowerPoint Presentations are perfect examples of how you can share content from other websites using iFrames.

Twitter Integration

Do you want Twitter functionalities in your site? With this module you can add Twitter login, widgets and buttons to your site and take it to the next level with millions of users, giving to your site a more rich experience. This module is very easy to setup and you can see the results in minutes

Live Content

Live Content is ultimate content presentation solution for your website.

It can show Pictures, Videos, DNN Modules, Audio, Content, Flash, and External Content. Supports Multilingual Content, AJAX Uploads, Automatic Video Encoding, Automatic Thumbnails, Dynamic Image Resizing, Themes, Templates, and more... Integrated with YouTube, Amazon S3, and Google Analytics. W3C xHTML Validated.